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I'm looking for asylum in the city where I've got admission in a University. It's a direct admission, no conditional. Till now did not enroll. I still have ten more days to enroll. I need that BÜMA or ankunfaisweis to enrollment. I did not got it till now. Got some accommodation papers from Malteser, this is not acceptable in the University. Now from the Camp, I got some hints that they will transfer me to some other city. But, I have to stay in this city only, so I can attend lectures and exams. The tram  connection from the city to the camp also very good. Environment is also very good at the camp. No chaos. Few families with kids, few couples, few single boys and girls. Anyway,,,, Can they really transfer me to some other city or I can resist for not to move ??
asked Nov 16, 2019 in Education by helios

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Dear @helios,

Thanks for being such an active member of the Wefugees Community!

You raised a similar question in one of your previously opened threads, though. You may find an answer already in the following:

Nevertheless, please do not hesitate to specify once again or reformulate the issue.

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answered Nov 19, 2019 by Meike
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