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I had German residency for few years. Now I do not have it anymore. It's time to apply for asylum. I am living in the same city where the residency was from. Now, i got admission in the university in a different state.

1. Should i move to my university state and apply for asylum over there ? cause i have to enroll to the uni with asylum application docs

2. Will they transfer / lock me up in the arrival center the same day of application ? Am i allowed to go outside of the center ? Is it with an appointment ? or anyone can go outside ? i know there is a timetable within time camp people have to come back to the camp.

3. I saw in youtube video camp residence are locked there for over two years and they are protesting. I saw asylum seekers also living in the private housing and working in industries. how does all that work ?

4. As in a camp there is no environment for study, Am i allowed to take an apartment outside the camp ?

5. I had no work-permit for last 7 months. I could not work. I have no money right now, except last couple of hundred euros for uni enrollment. Will i get some social help from the government for my expenses ? As quick as i get a work-permit, i won't need any benefits. I can support myself very well working anywhere in Germany.

thanks in advance. Somebody please response to all of my questions.
asked Oct 28, 2019 in Education by helios

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I see that you ask very many questions. What you need, it a good councelling center (Beratungsstelle). Perhaps there is some consulting for refugees / asylum seekers at your university. Some of them provide it nowadays. And there are a few so called "refugee law cliniks" in different German universities, where students of law try to help refugees with legal problems.

Where you will live during your asylum procedure, depends on your country of origin, because not all countries of the world are proceded in each federal state You will be sent to one of federal states which proceeds your country, corresponding to a special quote. To change it can be difficult and in the earlier stage probably impossible.

Studying is not an "occupation" in terms of law and therefore is not directly prohibited by the law during the first stage of the procedure. But in the camp where I work the authorities make a ban on studing (it stands on the camp documents of inhabitants) which means people must fight against it if they want to start studing.

It is possible for the authorities, after the last changing in the German law, to keep you in the camp for 18 months and even longer in some cases. And the federal states even have a right to keep people in the camps for 2 years, it is their discretion.

If you ask for asylum, you will have money for asylum seekers. There is no special money for you as a student if you don't get a positive decision and a residence permit.

It is difficult to tell you more. Each case is really individual.
answered Nov 1, 2019 by Alla_fka
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