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will i get a result within two week if i have a passport ?

how long it can take total month to reach the end of the proceedings including the appeal ?

// I am not forging anything. Going to submit all the original documents.

for being honest, in worst case , will i be deported earlier than the who forge their name in the documents ??

are lawyer paid by the state ? or i have to find a lawyer and pay for myself if i get rejected ?
asked Oct 27, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by helios
Don't give them your country passport if you are from a safe country  because surely they will use it to deport you after your case in Germany has finished . Be wise bro

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Dear @helios,

Thank you for sharing your questions with the Wefugees Community and for being such an active member.

Unfortunately, I can not provide any reliable answer regarding your question on the length of the asylum process. I just know, that it varies much from case to case. However, the government was publishing numbers on the average length of asylum procedures in Germany in the first two quarters of 2019. According to information on this website of the German Federal Parliament, a procedure will take about 6 months. But I must say, that I also know cases, in which people were waiting for 2 years or even more for results from the authorities (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge/BAMF). That might also depend on your country of origin and internal processes. When I am correct, according to §1a Asylbewerberleistungsgesetz (law on social benefits for asylum-seekers), the authorities might sanction you, if you actually have a passport but not provide it to them. @alla_fka Am I right on this?

When you receive a negative answer by the BAMF and you want to make an appeal in court, you may be granted "Prozesskostenhilfe" (means that the state is paying a lawyer). As far as I know, the judge should see a chance of a success for you in court - otherwise they might deny it. 

You could also apply for a "Beratungshilfeschein" at the local "Amtsgericht", in order to get free counselling by a lawyer (not support in court itself though).

I hope this helps and all the best,


answered Nov 1, 2019 by Meike
Jes, Meike, you are right, it is possible to apply financial sanction for not providing the passpot. During an asylum procedure nobody can be forced to go to the embassy of his/her country, as it hasn't been decided yet if the person can be dangered and prosecuted by the state. But in case of Helios he had a residence permit and that means he had to have a valid passport, so it is difficult to prove that he does't have it any more. He will show himself non-credible in his asylum procedure.
Many thanks @Alla_fka for the info and clarification! Best wishes, Meike
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