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If my asylum application gets rejected, will my study come to an end too ? Or i can renew duldung as long as i can complete study within a reasonable amount of time ? can they deport me if i am enrolled in a university ?
asked Sep 22, 2019 in Legal advice by helios

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I am also studying in university for the last one year and my asylum is rejected and am having Duldung for the last one year . You can study with your Duldung but the immigration authorities will force you to hand over them your nation ID card and passport  from your country . I already handed over my I’d card and passport to  them .its better you consult with a lawyer before giving them any documents.
answered Sep 22, 2019 by Khan
I do not want any state funding  to support myself. I want to work part-time to support my studies. As my University is going to be in Sachsen, livelihood cost is very cheap there comparing to other parts of Germany. Am I even allowed to work ? Will ABH give permission to duldung holder University students ? Am I allowed to travel outside of my state , for few days or for werkstudent or internships ?
Are you allowed to work any part time job as a duldung holder student ? Please comment.
Dear actually I am allowed to work as I am doing duales Studium in which you are studying in university for the three months full time and after three months in university I am coming to my company where I am working for three months as well .
Please note that it’s the requirement for my degree that I can work in my own field of study in my company. You can consult with a lawyer who can give you good advise .
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