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I never wanted to go back anyway. My families can visit me here. Never visited home in last almost going to be four years soon. My residence permit extension application was denied eventually. Now, is it possible that I apply for a refugee status ? and then authority can issue me some kinds of document, with that document I can take a new admission and continue study ? I don't have the intention to stay in Germany to make money anyway. I only want to complete my unfinished degree in some other University.
asked Sep 19, 2019 in Legal advice by helios

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May I know why your student visa extension was rejected?
answered Sep 29, 2019 by Jeddy
I have spent all the semester and did not complete the degree, also did not able to show enough euro for block account to the ABH. Where my friends were renewing their permit with 400 euro in their account in other states.
In which state were you studying?
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