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Does anyone knows who went to Africa and came back with family reunion visa or NEVER came back or stayed very long over there before coming back.  Because Aüslander asked my little cousin for the evidence before he can be granted Residence permit here in Germany. Maybe name and details of the person or people.
asked Sep 11, 2019 in Legal advice by Obumkelly79
Dear Obumkelly79,which City are you?I have seen someone who went to Africa and came back but because he was married to a German woman and the woman stood by him through out the process and his case was even fast 2months and some weeks,but has a good lawyer,I will advise you to seek a help from a good lawyer.Thanks
@Deprince, he live in bayern.. but, it's difficult to accept to go back to Africa. I won't advise him on that because 2months is not 2days.. can i have ur friend contact who went and came back. And please i also need someone details who stayed long there as an evidence for my cousin to show to Ausländerbehörde in Bayern there.. Thanks Blood.
Dear @Obumkelly79, for reasons of data protection we would appreciate not to publish any names and details of people on the platform! Thank you for your understanding! Best, Meike

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@meike, what do you mean by publish names or details of people here?? Don't u understand simple English???? I only said who knows someone or persons who went to Africa for family reunion visa and NEVER came back or stayed long should please let me... so? If the person reply to my comment here so we can exchange contact and talk in private.. Am only trying to help my little cousin!!
answered Sep 14, 2019 by Obumkelly79
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