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My asylum has finished and they want to deport me  but they couldn't because they do not have my country passport or identity as Nigeria so they stop to renew my 3 months duldung.  Now I am hiding for 6 months as illegal. I am staying with my German gf. She is pregnant for me, she will give birth by February  next year . I want to know if I can get resident permit when she put to birth next year since I am illegal?  I want advice on what to do next year. Thanks
asked Sep 10, 2019 in Legal advice by felise

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You gonna get a Duldung and you won't be deported! In order to get that you need to provide the custody agreement and a birth certificate! And you will never be deported.
answered Sep 10, 2019 by latrache
Thanks,  but if I give them my birth certificate  or passport,  will they give me resident permit or they will give me only duldung?
Dear David,All you need to do first is to get the vaterchaft,Sorgerecht and the baby birth certificate,You can apply for resident that is after the baby is born but I will advise, you will need a lawyer on your issue,the lawyers knows what to do.Thanks
Deprince thanks sir.  Since I am illegal,  can I take lawyer now or in should wait till my woman put to birth before I will take lawyer ?
I will advise you wait for the pregnancy to be 6 to 7 months then you can go to a lawyer so that he can guide you through on getting the vaterchaftannerkanung, sorgerchtaklarung process,then he knows what to do okey,have a nice day
Deprince thanks
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