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I am a German citizen and would like to marry my boyfriend, an Asylum seeker, in Greece. He has no passport, but we have talked to lawyers there in Greece and it would be possible with the few papers (e.g. divorce papers)  that he has, for us to get married there. My question is, how can he get to my place in Germany with this marriage certificate? What is the exact procedure for us after the marriage so he can travel to me to Germany? How is he able to receive a passport and from where, so he is able to travel?

There is also a second issue that we will have to face: he has a daughter of 5 years, and we are currently working on him getting an official paper from court that states he is the legal and only guardian of this girl. If he has this paper, can he get a passport for her as well after our marriage? Or how would that work?

Thank you so much in advance for your help.

With kind regards

asked Aug 30, 2019 in Legal advice by nad12345ine

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