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Hi, i had bachelor degree of 4 years, that too reconized in germany as 3 year bachelor and working in germany in IT company from last 3 years, my asylum case rejected and then went to court, from last 2 years no hearing from court. How can i apply for aufenthalterlaubnis 18a or blue card? Because my only problem is my case is running through appeal in the court, is there a way i can stop the process, if i stop that then can i apply for aufenthalterlaubnis, because i have covered all those requirments... please guide me through that... thanks. @isa
asked Jul 10 in Legal advice by Fawad
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Did you get a solution ?? You can get a job contract from your company. Leave Germany, comeback with a new visa. Talk with ausländeramt, so they can issue you a pre-approval visa. So, you can just leave and come back within few days.
answered Oct 30 by helios
Hi @helios, that option is always there, since my company have no problem, but it cost me 6 month of time... my lawyer asked again to the ausländerbehörde, lets see... waiting for the response from them... thanks for ur comment...
Please do update here. There are lots of candidates in this situation.
@helios, yes i do...
@helios, how do you mean by pre-approval visa? Does it also work for family reunion visa?? That someone will one stay in his or her country for few days and come back with family reunion visa instead of spending months if not years?
Pre-approval is kind of pre authorization of a visa. So you don't have to wait in the embassy. You take the pre-approval from rathhaus here, go back home, go to German embassy, they will instantly stick visa to your passport as the decision has already been done from here. Then you come back to Germany. This is all bureaucratic hurdle. It's a discretionary decision of a ausländeramt officer. They have all the power. If the office is lenient, it can be done. It's not a legal entitlement though.
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answered Oct 30 by helios
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