My sister is with a greece man . The man has been living here for 2 years . He work and live in Germany.  My question,  If my sister become pregnant for him, will they grant her resident permit in Germany?  My sister is still in asylum process in Germany
asked May 8, 2019 in Legal advice by felise

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2 Answers

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Depends on what the Greece man have in Germany. If the man already have German stay or passport then your sister will get a resident permit after doing the right things. E.g soggerecht and the right of d baby..etc some city might even ask ur sister to go to Greece embassy for residence permit. Lol.. what city is ur sister?
answered May 8, 2019 by Obumkelly79
My sister live in alfter close to Bonn. So if the man  don't have Germany document,  my sister will  won't have resident permit after having baby for him? But Greece is European like Germany,  why the man must have Germany document before my sister can have permit from him after giving birth
My friend, u don't predict Germany. As long as he's not a german or he didn't change his passport to german passport. They can ask your sister to go to Greece and take permit from there.. Germany is all about ur city. Each city with different wahala.. Lol
Bro , I do not have ausweiss  because they do not renew my duldung ausweis.  They ask me to bring my country identity like passport or birth certificate before they will renew my duldung ausweiss then but I didn't give them anything.  But now , I am hiding in my German gf house and my house master have remove my name from my camp house meaning I do not have asylum there again. I want to know , if I pregnant my German girlfriend and I use lawyer,  can I get resident permit been illegal?
Yes of course!! Just take a good Lawyer. That's all. Bro!! But, why are they asking you for ur country identity? Do you already put in for a resident permit?
No I do not . Now I am illegal and I am staying with my German gf. I am hiding in her house and waiting until she is pregnant.  That is why I ask you if it's possible to get resident permit when she will be pregnant for me later . It is in the law of Germany now , when you seek asylum,  they want to know which country you are from that's why they ask for country identity. But they use it for deportation
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but why is bf is holding eu passport and member of a eu if the child is born he or she will be Greece passport holder, so that is enough for her to get her resident here ? when the man is working ?
answered Jun 25, 2019 by ERKHTS
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