My asylum has finished and I am using duldung but authority always tell me to bring my Nigeria passport or birth certificate to prove I am from Nigeria,  now they ask me to sign one paper and in the paper , they wrote that if an asylum seekers didn't prove where he is from, he will pay a fine up to 3000 euro or he will go to jail for 3 years.  My questions

1. Is it possible they will arrest me or I will pay fine if I do not give them any identity of my country?  

2. Can they deport me without identity of my country ?

asked Mar 23, 2019 in Other Questions by felise | 4,262 views

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2 Answers

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My bruder @David123, Germany can deport anyone with or without identity as long as you already told them where you came from so they can equally take you there without passport or birthcertificate. But, don't give out any passport it makes it faster and easier for them.. but, if you are scared of being arrested then change country first after 6months you can come back and start afresh.. what city are you in Germany??
answered Mar 24, 2019 by Obumkelly79
I am in bad tölz  , Bayern
If I stay illegal for 6 months,  is it possible I can start afresh?  Because my asylum has finished and awaiting deportation and is it possible they can imprison me when I do not give them my country identity ?
There is one guy I know,  he was having duldung so he left Germany to France,  later on , France sent him back to Germany but now Germany gave him another duldung and still telling him to bring his passport
So if I go to another country , after 6 months and I come back to Germany again , won't Germany give me duldung again?
My friend, it's better you go to another country for sometime than you are being deported.. as you go to another country just hustle woman to start family... with that you can stay..
@David123 how do you go about your deportation threat? Drop ur contact to call u.
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Do you have your ausbildung contract?
answered Jul 6, 2020 by Sidra
@Sidra I have a German child now, I have Duldung Ausweis, my lawyer has applied for resident permit for me but waiting for their reply
Things will be ok! Dont worry. Just opposite of our apartment, lives a German woman who got married to a man from Africa, even he got a baby boy. He already got the permit to stay. Things will be better for you buddy.
@Sidra but they are married, I am not married to my woman yet. I have only a German child with her. Thanks for the motivation
Is it not possible to get married right now? Or even for marriage do you need some other proof to get married to the German lady?
Anyhow, you need to prove your identity either through birth certificate or through your documents. I had a word with my social worker and the social workerexplained to me nicely and in details that in order to get the work permission you need to show your identity. She informed me that later on you can go with your certificates , birth certificate or your passport. Anyhow, they need the passport. I already showed my educational certificate at the town hall(rathaus) however, they need your travelling document. The Auslanderbehorde wont deport you , I think they only need the prove that you are from Nigeria. But still do consult a lawyer. I have stated all these on the basis of what I have seen and experiencing. On the other hand, my social worker also added that if your information in Ausweis is false, that is "falschen Ausweis" then you will be heavily fined , the social worker explained to me all this when I received my Police Clearance Certificate.
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