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Hello ,

I am student and i am from a non- EU country and living here since 2014. I have worked as IT support Engineer as well as Programmer in Software development and recently I got a job offer from my company to work as full time in IT Support . I went to visa office to ask if it is possible to change the visa and they didn't give me any answer . My annual salary will be 42,000 and they issued a conditional contract paper stating that if i get the job visa then it's valid.

So , my question is that. is it possible to change my student visa to job visa without any university degree?
asked Jan 8, 2019 in Work by ashsaym

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Dear @ashsaym,

Thank you for your question and Welcome to our community :-)

First of all: Congratulations on your job offer, that sounds like a very good opportunity.

You mentioned that you already went to a visa office but didn't get any answer  - did you let them know that you already have a job offer and it's time sensitive? 

I did some research and found this website, "Make it in Germany", which provides a lot of information on visa for work (including the EU Blue Card):

This is what they say on their website: 

"If you have a job corresponding to your qualifications, under section 18 (4) of the Residence Act you are on principle entitled to a “residence title for the purpose of taking up employment” if the Federal Employment Agency has approved your employment. You do not need to apply for approval yourself. As soon as you have a job offer, just talk with the Germany embassy which is responsible for you if you are still abroad. In Germany you can get further help from the foreign nationals' registration authority or the welcome Centre in the town where you live."

I understand that you do not have a university degree, and I believe that it plays a role here. Fact is: you have work experience and you already have the job offer, that should definitely be taken into account. As they mention in the quote, you can reach out to the Foreign National's Registration Authority or the Welcome Center of your area to find out more about your options to switch visa types, as you do not have said university degree, but a job offer.

Here is information on residence permits for work in Germany by the Berlin service website:

And by the BAMF:

I hope I could answer parts of your question and recommend reaching out to one of the mentioned facilities for more information. Feel free to contact the community again if you need any further assistance!

All the best,


answered Jan 14, 2019 by Isa
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Hello @ashsaym. I'm currently in a similar situation. Did you find the answer? Was it possible for you to change your visa?

Thank you, your answer will help me a lot.

answered Sep 25, 2019 by Elizabethbega
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Hey Guys,

Ich hoffe dass ihr zum klar gekommen sind. Ich erlebe eine ähnliche Situation. Das ist mein Facebook Konto, wir können eine Diskussionsgruppe erstellen und Ideen tauschen:

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answered Dec 1, 2019 by houssem Baaka
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Happy new year guys,

I am currently in the same situation (I have foreign unversity degree but I want to quite my master's degree). Have you guys succeeded to change your student visa to work visa?

Could you please share your experiences?

Best regards,
answered Jan 1 by Nguyenku
I am in the same situation. I have a foreign degree and want to quit or pause my Masters degree for a full time job
Hey guys, did you solve this? Was it possible to switch? Thanks!
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