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Good morning ,first I will say thank you for the wonderful forum , please my question is that family was granted deportation ban what's my chance ? Since is not international protection . My second question is , after the interview of my new born baby (that was born in Germany )a confirmation paper was print out and give to my wife immediately after the interview ..which state that the child is awarded international protection ..does that mean she is given 3 years permit ? ..because we didn't receive anything from bamf again aside from the print out paper . last question ..I was given inadmissible which I already appeal by my lawyer ..still got sleepiness night on that because I don't want to be separated from my family again ..I have Italian document which was lost on my way to Germany but because of this new immigration  law in Germany  ..I was thinking to cancel my asylum and go for my Italian document and get a job contract in Germany (that's if possible ) or I should benefit from my kids resident permit ..I already make vertershaft and sogeret for my kids ..please advice me ..I don't want to make a mistake again ..because I did in first ..when I apply for asylum again in Germany
asked Jan 7 in Legal advice by Easytemmy
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