I'm going to start my Ausbildung from August 2019. I am 31 year old, married and a father of one. Do I have to apply for Bafög (I guess the cut off age for that is 30) for funding during my Ausbildung or the Job Center will pay?

BTW my asylum case has already been accepted and currently I am on ALG II
asked Dec 26, 2018 in Money by MahmudulMunshi

If your Ausbildung is not remunareted, you can apply financial help from the JobCenter, from BaföG office or for the Rent by the district exchange: the right financial aid depents from your situation, look for an advisory center in your neighbourg (Sozialberatung), baceause on the internet we cannot ask too many personal question to answer proper.

If you are in Berlin come by the LernLaden Neukölln (https://www.berlin.de/sen/arbeit/weiterbildung/bildungsberatung/mobibe/) or hier for example (https://www.drk-berlin.de/angebote/alltagshilfen/allgemeine-unabhaengige-sozialberatung.html)

Good luck,

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Dear @MahmudulMunshi,

Thank you for reaching out to us and congratulations on your Ausbildung!

I will link our experts on Ausbildung from LernLaden Neukölln @BildungsberaterIn and @Arrivo-EMSA here, maybe they can share tips and insights about funding in your situation.

While you wait, you can have a look at these quotes I found on a Student Support Service website about BAföG:

"Financial educational support is only provided if the 30th or 35th year of the student’s life has not been reached at the beginning of the stage of training/education. The higher age limit only applies to master’s programmes that follow a bachelor’s degree. Neither age limit is detrimental to the entitlement to financial support if there are special reasons for exceeding them."

However! The age limit does not apply if:

4. due to personal or family reasons there was a hindrance to begin the stage of education on time, especially if upon reaching the age limit and continuously until the start of the studies a child of under 10 years of age was raised without pursuing employment at the same time for more than 30 hours a week (...)

Personal or family reasons that are recognized are in addition to raising children, e.g. a pregnancy, an illness, a disability, non-admission to the chosen training due to a selection process, or the care of disabled children or children in need of care for other reasons. Personal reasons are also accepted if trainees are refugees, displaced persons, emigrants, late repatriates, persons entitled to asylum or foreign spouses/life partners of Germans or of gainfully employed EU citizens and require a complementary or further education in Germany for the recognition of their vocational qualification attained in their country of emigration or country of origin.

I hope this helps for now. 

All the best,


answered Dec 27, 2018 by Isa
Thanks Isa. I appreciate.
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