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Hello guyes i need a good advice PLZ i applyi asylum 2015 January i folow wrong advice and give IT wrong birthe Day and wrong second Name so many time i deceid to share somebody but i was scard i am married have 3 childs 2 Born in Berlin and 1 in pakistan 2016 September my asylum reject and make apeal now in descember apeal also reject now Twist if i give my idienty maybe they deport me my Ausbildung is finish in june i also have a Chance to apeal but again  and again i am scard my lawyer als dont know i have wrong Name PLZ give me advice how i correct my Name and how is possibel to finish my Ausbildung and how can i get safe Ausbildungduldung thanks to all
Best regards.
asked Dec 11, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Alikhan4pk

Dear @Alikhan4pk, Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to the Wefugees community! As I understand your situation, it seems best to link our asylum expert @Nilab on your case, she will get back to you with more information shortly. Best regards, Isa

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Dear @Alikhan5pk,

thank you for your question. So first of all after your Ausbildung you have the legal right to work 2 yeas and be not deported( does your Ausbildung Comapny offer you a job after the the Ausbildung?). If threy cannot take you after the Ausbildung, please start looking for a company that might be interested to take you straight after June.

As for the wrong details please share it with your lawyer as he/she has all the relevant information and is able to write the authorities.

Tell the lawyer as you outlined here that you listened to the wrong information given before you applied for your asylum, you might have to hand in proof of your real identity.

Do not get scared or panic! If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Best regards,

answered Dec 17, 2018 by Nilab
Hi nilab i did Not find a lawyer in Berlin i tryi it but apeal Deadline until 07.01.2019 if you have some lawyer kontekes can you give me Adresse

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