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Good evening every one,please I want to ask about Vodafone contract,I make a contract about Vodafone this year and it was 2 years contract,it was a Wi-Fi contract Giga cube and i made it but it was strash,it was not working and i went to complain about it and the shop man told me to show him my ausweis of which I did and he said I was not allowed to make Vodafone contract because my ausweis is Duldung,so he said he cancel it already and ask me to return the Giga cube of which I did,but the problem is that Vodafone send me a letter that I'm having an outstanding bill of which the contract has already be cancel,I made the contract May this year 2018 and I return the Giga cube the other month because they said I'm not allow to use the network because of my ausweis,and now they send me a letter that if I don't pay the money they will refer me to Inkaso,what can I do please?
asked Nov 26, 2018 in Money by Eddy

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Dear @Eddy

thank you for sharing your situation with us.

The best would be to write a letter explaining everything and please mention the exact the address of the shop where you did the contract and handed over the device. Make sure to copy all documents and send it with the letter to the following address(Einschreiben). 

Vodafone GmbH

Dr. Johannes Ametsreiter
Ferdinand-Braun-Platz 1
D-40549 Düsseldorf


I hope this helps you. If you need further assistance please let us know. 

Best regards, 


answered Nov 28, 2018 by Nilab
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