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hello I have been married in Denamrk I have marriage certificate with appostille stamp on it and I have 5 years italian resdient permit and my wife is European can I go engalnd with my wife on my italain resident permit pakistan passport and marriage certificate with me and my wife is also with me and can we fly with all that to engalnd ?! If yes then how was and if no they why what can I do ?!! It will be amazing to have my answer
asked 5 days ago in Other Questions by Musawvir (460 points)

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Dear @Musawvir, thank you for your question. Yes you will be able to go there, but you need a toursist visa in order to enter England. You need apply for that in their Embassy in Italy. Best regards, Nilab
answered 4 days ago by Nilab (18,580 points)
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