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I am married and live in Leipzig and got residency until 2022, never been registered in jobcenter or arbeitsagentur in general, I currently have a job that I am willing to quit as soon as I find an ausbildung.

I would like to move with my wife to Frankfurt am Main and would like to know if jobcenter or arbeitsagentur could help with the expenses or finding an appartement for us? I know they wouldnt do it just like that without a legit and proper reason and I need opinions about it.

what is the best way to find an appartement there considering I live like 5 hours away from Frankfurt?

Could the job center help us financially there while I look for another job or start my ausbildung?
asked Sep 26, 2018 in Home & Living by jaber95z

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2 Answers

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hey im also here to ask questions but i think i might help concerning where to find flats,you should try craigslist,you can def find jobs there and flats for rent
i think someone else will help you with your other questions :)
answered Sep 26, 2018 by hopenamaste
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Dear @jaber95z

thank you for sharing your question with us in the community. 

As for your question: 

1. in order to able to move, you need to find a job or Ausbildung there. 

2. As for the apartment- you have to do it by yourself- but try the website: 

3. In regards of the financial support if you ahve a job and cannot support your family entirely the jobcenter will assist you, however you will have to find a job that pays at least what your are getting now. 

I hope I could assist you with your question and should be there further questions please do not hesitate to use the community. 

Best regards, 


answered Oct 3, 2018 by Nilab
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