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Hi! Just to give you a backstory, my husband and I are asylum seekers from the Philippines. We arrived last year, and our asylum request was denied last year too. But we submitted an appeal right away. So now we have been waiting for months for news. What do we need to do in order for us to cope with the long wait? Right now my husband has found a job. We have been living normally in Germany for more than a year now.

We are this close to ask Caritas for help on what to do next. Also, we need a lawyer who speaks English. Our lawyer doesn't speak English well, and it's a bit difficult to explain our issue to him.
asked May 14 in Legal advice by someoneingermany (180 points)

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Hello @someoneingermany

Welcome to the Wefugees community and thank you for your question.

Unfortunately it's a well-known problem that authorities sometimes need months to decide on a case or an appeal. Usually you can consult a lawyer to file a so-called "Untätigkeitsklage" at Verwaltungsgericht (administrative court). This will force authorities to make a decision.

Concerning legal support: Try out this website and set the filters on the right to your needs:"q":"","page":1,"type":"profile","randomSeed":850359,"isMapVisible":0,"oldQuery":"","sortTypeprofile":"random","sortDirectionprofile":"desc","queryModeprofile":"normal","filterListprofile":%5B%7B"filterName":"practiceAreas","filterValue":"Ausl%5Cu00e4nderrecht%20%26%20Asylrecht"%7D,%7B"filterName":"profileLanguages","filterValue":"Englisch"%7D%5D,"sortTypeprofileProduct":"relevance","sortDirectionprofileProduct":"desc","queryModeprofileProduct":"normal","filterListprofileProduct":%5B%5D,"sortTyperating":"relevance","sortDirectionrating":"desc","queryModerating":"normal","filterListrating":%5B%5D,"sortTypearticle":"sortDate","sortDirectionarticle":"desc","queryModearticle":"normal","filterListarticle":%5B%5D,"aggregationVisibilityList":%7B"radius":false,"officeCity":false,"officeCityDistrict":false,"practiceAreas":true,"specialPracticeAreas":false,"officeCountry":false,"internationalLaws":false,"profileLanguages":true,"attributes":true%7D%7D&q=

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Hello @Thor! Thank you for your response.
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