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Please i will like to know how long will it take for my polish woman to get her divorce  paper from court. She married to an italian man in Germany but they separated years ago, now that she met me, she want to marry me but she and her ex husband go to  lawyer for divorce. Please I will like to know how long is possible for the divorce paper will be giving to her since the marriage was done in Germany and they don't live together for 15 years now.
asked Mar 31, 2018 in Legal advice by David123

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Hello @David123

There is no general answer to the question how long divorce will take because there are a lot of factors that play a role.

The most important one is if both spouses want to divorce or if one of them doesn't cooperate. Of course it's much quicker when both of them want it. But even if that's the case the procedure can take up to several months. If it's non-consensual it can take more than a year.

In general the spouses have to have lived separately for at least 1 year before the procedure can start. In the case of your soon-to-be wife they are obviously way above that minimum.

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answered Apr 6, 2018 by Thor
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