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Hello Guys I really appreciated your help Very helpful information! thank you! need some information I am hoping one of you can give me some information about marriage in Italy I am an Afghan and I am holding Italian subsidiary’s protraction documents Which has been issued for five years and it’s still valid until 2019/08.
Since four years I am in a relationship with a British girl she is originally Schotish but she is holding normal British passport So Me and my girlfriend we decided to get married very soon she is living in UK It’s a little bite difficult for her to stay in Italy for long time Bc she is working
Could you please let me know what I have to do ? Will be good to give me some information from A to Z From where I start
At the moment I am in Germany but soon I am coming back to Italy to do some paperwork for my wedding until my girlfriend fly to Italy as she is waiting for me to do some paperwork than she is flying from uk to Italy So please need a quick advice, as I read some information about An American girl and her boyfriend But still it doesn’t help me much
And I have one more important question I think in Italy at the court they will ask me for some documents to proof that I am single Yes I am single But I don’t have a certificate from my country to show them at the court So as I am holding subsidiary protection documents I can’t visit my embassy and I am not allowed to visit my country, so how I proof that and how I make the certificate when I am not allowed to visit my embassy ? But in my asylum documents and in my national ID card from my home country it’s clearly written on it I am single Do you think the court will accept that or still they will ask for a certificate? What should I do ? Thank you very much in advance Wali,
Sorry just a question comes up How long it will take until I get marriage and I get my marriage certificate ?
Thank you very much!
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