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I am an Iranian refugee in the UK (got my residence permit two years ago) and want to marry with an Iranian woman who lives in Iran now.
What is the best procedure to do this plan so that I can apply for her Visa to come to the UK after marriage?
asked Dec 24, 2017 in Legal advice by YARZAAL (110 points)

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Welcome to our community and thank you for your question!

Since you fled from Iran you will lose your refugee status if you go back there to get married to her. So she has to come to you instead.

Here is a very useful website provided by the British government that gives you an overview on how she can apply for a "Marriage Visitor Visa":

You can click through the pages to read about the eligibility criteria and requirements she has to fulfil.

Note that she has to return to Iran after a maximum of 6 months. Before that happens you can apply for family reunion. Please check out this link and read the information given under the headline "Apply in the UK":

In a nutshell you both have to be in the UK to do family reunion, it has to be her first application and you need to prove that your relationship already started in your home country before you were getting persecuted.

Probably it's best for you to get in contact with local counselling centers in Great Britain before you start the procedures outlined above. They are more familiar and experienced with the legal framework and can probably give you more detailed advice than me.

I hope this answer was helpful to you.

Best regards,
answered Jan 5 by Thor (38,100 points)
Thanks for your explanation. Actually, I've got familiar with her after I got my Refugee Visa and I think if I marry her formally in a third country (such as Turkey) then she can apply for a family visa to join me here i the UK.
What do you think about it?
Hello @YARZAAL - that sounds like a good plan. Of course you can marry her in another country too. Best wishes for you two!
Hi Thor. Thanks for your reply. Should I be worry about it if I marry her and Home Office don't issue visa for her because I married her after I claimed asylum? Please let me know if there is any special law about this as I couldn't fins any so far. Thanks a lot.
Well, to be honest I don't know the answer either :/ Maybe @Marcel or @Steven have an idea. Best regards, Thorgen
Please let me know how to ask the guys or if you can forward my question to them it would be so much appreciated. Cheers.
Hi @YARZAAL - by adding the "@" symbol in front of their names I automatically forwarded this thread to them. They will receive a mail and write an answer to your question if they know something about this topic. Note that both of them have a full-time job and help us out here on Wefugees for free. So it might take a little longer till they find the time to answer. Best regards, Thorgen
OK. Thanks a lot and I'll be waiting for the response. Cheers.
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