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Can anyone help me, please, in writing a sample so I can send it to the "BAMF" and asking them to send me my Driving license and my ID Card ? I have gave them my papers last year in August but I still didn't get anything from them and I need the Driving License cause I'm planing to apply for a German..

Thank you very much in advance.
asked May 3, 2017 in Asylum proceedings by Rebiwar
Hey Rebiwar, Thank you for your question. I would like to ask you if few questions for further clarification. Did you provide papers to the BAMF that certified that you have obtained a driving license in your home country? Or does the BAMF still hold your actual driving license and your ID? Thank you, Baris
Hello #Baris,
the BAMF still hold my actual driving license and my ID cards.

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