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I have one question in regard to "Steuererklärung".
I have been in Germany since 19 months and I am a student since October last year.
The questions are, Do I have to do it? If yes, when and where?

P.S: I am Syrian refugee, 25 years old, live in Eberswalde.

Thanks in advance
Derar Rashed
asked May 2, 2017 in Other Questions by Derar Rashed (140 points)

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Dear Derar,

you surely don't have to do your "Steuererklärung", yet. Since you don't earn money as student, you don't have to pay taxes yet. But if you want to get your expences for your studies back, you should keep all your receipts and bills and as soon as you start to work and then start paying taxes, you can get your money back. For more detailed information maybe @Marcel can help you out!
I hope this answer did help you :-)

All the best
answered May 2, 2017 by Henriette (1,410 points)
thank you so much for your quick answer, i just would like to add something to my last question which is that i have student job for 8 hours per week. Does it make a difference?
No, it does not.
Henriette is right. That's exactly what my "Steuerberater" told me as well. Keep all your receips and bills for books, Laptop, Paper, printcosts and so on. and do a "Steuererklärung" when you start working fulltime (or more money)
Great answer
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Hey Derar Rashed,

as long as you don't earn more than 450 Euro per month (which is probably the case if you work 8 hours per week), you won't have to pay any taxes and hence you won't need to do a Steuererklärung.

answered May 3, 2017 by Baris (1,990 points)
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Hello Derar Rashed,

what students really should know abot paying taxes is explained by The informations are detailed and slightly different to what has been in a generalised way said in the first given answer. The Information language is German, but for you are a student in Germany, I hope you can understand the article without any trouble.

By the way: To answer your question completely: In case you should have to do your taxes contact your local finance office for special formulas. You can do your return of tax online too.

Best regards
answered May 3, 2017 by Jan (59,810 points)
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Of course you have to do it. In some cases you get money back when you pay for insurances, pay for education and so on.
answered Jun 6, 2017 by Dariont (250 points)
I don't think a student will get back very much.
Hi Dariot, yes he should keep his bills, but a Steuererklärung does't make sense as long as he is not paying taxes. ;)
Since this year you can do an annual tax declaration with very few evidence. But you have to keep your documents (bills etc.) ready for two years if the finance office asks for them.
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