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Unfortunately i dont  believe i deserve to live i had faced many horrible things, kidnaps situations , so much beating and threatening till now that i cant bear it. the last date i may live for is at 2017 summer or u can say mid 2017 i guess since this family almost know about im atheist and they dont pay my school anymore and kept beating me they had threat me so many times that will sell me to someone whether in jordan or saudi arabia i put that date incase they sold me in jordan.
im male and still would trade me as slave for money just bcz of being atheist im tired of everything if u have anyway to help do and dont watch me suciding  before im rapped.
i have tried contacting the german embassy in call they ignore it always wasted like 15euros for international call without even answering on the consulate side.
made someone i know to go to the embassy and they kciked him bcz hes not 18
well i dont think ill escape this no one would help me getting any visa to pass jordan border
incase i sucided. let my voice reach everyone and share this post if u have some feelings on those non islam believers in middle east.
Take care and thank u for reading.
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Don't give up hope! I have written to someone from an organisation that helps victims of crimes (including slavery). They are in the USA, but maybe they know other organisations that are in Jordan. If they don't, I will try to find someone in Germany with contacts to embassies. --Ma
answered Jan 13, 2017 by Ma (700 points)
I am glad you are getting better! I have been thinking about

your problem that many organizations help Syrians but not

Jordanians, because in Jordan there is no war. I have found

organizations that say: 1. they help refugees also if they are

not from Syria and 2. they also help people if they are from

countries where there is no war: UNHCR, Médecins Sans

Frontières (=Doctors without Borders), the International Rescue

Committee, the Norwegian Refugee Council, Save the Children and

Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants.

(You have written that UNHCR in Jordan has not answered

anymore, but at the UNHCR in Turkey there will be a different

person. Maybe this person will answer. You or I could also

write to Save the Children again and see if we find a different

person.) ****** If you go to Turkey, this is an organization

with an office in the cities Ankara and Gaziantep that helps

refugees in Turkey: Association for Solidarity with Asylum

Seekers and Migrants, and Their address and telephone

number and email address is on If

you really go to Turkey you have to be careful. There are

criminals who promise to help you go to Europe and then force

you to work without pay. If it is possible, you should only get

help from organizations. Here are the internet pages of the

organizations that help non-Syrians and people from countries

without war: Norwegian Refugee Coucil:, UNHCR:, Médecins Sans Frontières

(=Doctors without Borders): (but in Turkey

Doctors without Borders only has an internet page in Turkish, International Rescue

Committee:, Save the


Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants:
Hi dear ma,i hope u are fine.
they turkey unhcr is also not answering me tried every mail in their site no replies, and i contacted in past 3 days no answer yet.
and there is site i couldn't open from my laptop idk why can u mail them instead of me this one
i couldn't mail this org only this one.
do u mind doing that? thank u alot dear for every help u provide me and everything u done to me i appericate everything.
im really worried of not finding org in turkey ill have to travel in 3 months and i still cant ensure a org it make me feel so worring and more worse :(
im contacting many orgs but no one replies to me
Hey ? are  u fine?  i hope so
I hope you are fine too. Wefugee community does still hear you, we have a lively interest in your situation, so keep in contact with us if you feel so.
idk dear jan my thoughts are leaving me but i have hope for turkey, every org i contact either they cant help me or ignore me. unhcr as well in turkey or in jordan both are ignoring me. im gonna flee to turkey in 3months but if i see worse treatment since they're islamic then i really want to give up im losing my hopes day by day if in emails they're ignoring me how will they care about my situation in real? it makes sense for me.
my day is spent entirely emailing sometimes i can read sometimes not but turkey is my only hope.  and hope they will not neglect me or anything.
my mental health is under 0.
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As managers of this community, we have to rely on the experts hands of those who are able to handle these situation regarding suicidal thought with professionality. For this reason we are putting this case in the hands of expert helpers.

For whoever felt him/herself in the condition of having similar thoughts, I leave these links to websites where you can find a list of hotlines available worldwide that you can reach out to at any moment.

This is another valid websites where you can find different types of support in case you were about to experience trouble with suicidal thoughts.

answered Dec 28, 2016 by Paolo (13,600 points)
I wanna say i didn't write u this to give me the links appericate it but if u really read carefully u would know i had never gave up beffore i think exactly as how i should be and right thing but i dont think i would vist those sites when i know ill be slave?
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