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We want to invite you to the open seminar “Transforming the Welcome City – Speculations on another kind of refugee politics” at the HafenCity University Hamburg. 50% of the practitioners will be students, the other half of the class will be refugees or guest students that are interested in the topic.
This open class is grounded in the idea of urban citizenship as a basis for rights and democratic participation in the city – for all residents, regardless of their legal political status. Its endeavor is practical as well as visionary: how are politics in the city possible in times of intensified arrival of refugees? How can we act together in an increasingly super-diverse global city? How to transform the Welcome City Hamburg balancing values such as hospitality, solidarity, necessity and the duties and limitations of political processes?
The seminar aims at experimenting with and formulating concrete policy recommendations for alternative forms and forums of democratic politics that work for all urban citizens. We read key texts in the fields of social theory, urban planning, participatory and multicultural politics before jumping into the actual procedures of current migration politics in Hamburg. As a kind of shadow commission mirroring official refugee politics in the city we will invite decision makers, experts and practitioners to class, and work towards formulating our own propositions and speculations.
The course will be held in English with the help of translators when needed.

Mondays 6 – 8pm, First Session: Monday April 4, Last Session: July 11. Room: 3.104
HafenCity University / Hamburg

Check and write an Email to:
If you want to register as a guest student please contact Thies Eggert:

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asked Mar 8, 2016 in Information & Offers by Rebecca W (110 points)

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thanks Rebecca for this offer. We are currently working on an option to separate offers and questions. So please don' be upset if not many people will find it here.
Best regards.
answered Mar 10, 2016 by Conny (12,930 points)
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Hi Rebecca,

It looks very interesting but is there any chance to get travel costs to join there?

Best regards,
answered Mar 15, 2016 by MoniLink (4,940 points)
Hi Moni,
Hi Moni, I am happy to have awoken your interest in the seminar! Since it is a seminar that lasts over the whole semester we unfortunately don´t have the capacities to compensate travel costs for participants.. sorry! If you find another way, we´ll be happy to see you there!
Ok I will try to join but are you involved there as an organizer?
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