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I am a journalist. I finished my masters from literature. Now living near Dortmund. I want to know is there any Ausbildung in English or any short course where can I take part? I really want to get computer related any training or photography or videography or video editing training and job. I have knowledge about website building, app development and SEO etc. I finished seven months deutsch integration course already. After that I made app about basic German learning...
asked Dec 21, 2015 in Education by MoniLink (5,060 points)
Dear MoniLink - unfortunately I have no answer for you, but I spread your Link of your wonderful app to get it known to other people
Dear Joschi, thank you so much!!!
hi monilink, i got your question a bit, as i know in deutschland if you have residence permit then you can take part in one of the training course as your wish and also job centre will find you the suitable one and of coursse their one will be in deutsch. in private you can just find some training centre to do your desired course.
Thanks a lot Taisir!

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Dear MoniLink,
there is someone on facebook interested on your doing. Please  get in contact!

Rüdiger Gödde "I could use some SEO knowledge for my busines...." „wink“-Emoticon
answered Dec 21, 2015 by Joschi (1,200 points)
Hi Joschi thanks a lot! I knocked him. You will find me at All of my contacts is here. All of social media or direct contacts
I am happy to hear that!
Great site, great pictures - go on :)
Thanks a lot Joschi!!! This is my personal site
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