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I will finish soon the B1 level of german langauge i want to completr to the b2 level but the job center dont pay for that
Is there any orgnaiztion can help
And another quation i have a heighschool abitur but not so much percent
I want to learn Ausbildung also if there any info about that
And thanks for all of you
asked Nov 19, 2015 in Education by Jo.oth (120 points)
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Hello Jo.oth, please can you tell us the name of the city were you are currently living in order to give you more detail information about the language courses and Ausbildung there?
Yes i can
I live in karlsruhe

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Hello Jo, maybe the informations on this website can help to solve vour problems:

Good luck, Jan
answered Dec 7, 2015 by Jan (59,810 points)
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answered Dec 12, 2015 by Herb (1,090 points)
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Dear Jo,

Thanks for your message and interest in Kiron. We are working on creating more language course options for our students and for the time being we have partners that can help you online while we find more offline options. The offline options will depend on the location of our students, and we will send out more information when we have updates.

Please take a look in your Kiron Campus platform up at the top where it says Kiron Services> Language School for more information. We do offer some online tools for you to continue past the B1 level.

Kind regards,

Kiron Support Staff

answered Nov 13, 2016 by Kiron-HelpDesk (1,600 points)
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